Sit n Go poker strategy advice

Sit n Go poker strategy advice

SNGs are a special kind of poker tournaments which are a great way for players to build up their bankrolls. In fact many of today’s top poker players started their careers by playing micro and low stake Sit n Go tournaments before going for high stakes cash tables. They are extremely popular online and you can find them in all popular poker rooms at a wide range of buy ins. Since these are usually tournaments with smaller number of players than regular tournaments, most often one or two tables, there are some unique strategy tips that can help you improve your game and start winning more often. Here are some basic advices when playing Sit n Go poker tournaments.

Early stage

Early period of the tournament when you should usually play your tightest games. You focus on position and never call with mediocre hands.

Pairs higher than TT are a great hands to play at this stage but always be ready to fold them if you see an ace on the flop because some players often play their small Aces pre flop so you might lose a lot of chips if you force your pocket pairs. This is a period when you should play your premioum hands (like QQ, KK, AA) very aggressive because there’s a chance that bad players might pay you off with a middle pair or a hand like AJ or AT.

Early stage is when you’ll often see pots with 4 and more players giving you great implied odds to play hands like small pairs or suited Aces from position because when you hit you can win a lot of chips.

Middle stage

In middle stage of Sit n Go tournaments you start to raise more hands pre-flop, stealing the blinds. Your small pairs lose their value because of the size of blinds. It’s a good thing to play aggressive and re-raise your premium, punishing the limpers and loose aggressive players at your table.

Don’t steal the blinds to often because the players will start to call you with wide range so if they connect with the flop they can take you a lot of money. When stealing the blinds and get called always be ready to fold if your opponent bets the flop hard. This is the stage when you’ll get more familiarized with your opponents and keep in mind that they are also watching your moves so change your playing styles more often.

Bubble stage

When playing the bubble stage and fighting to get in the money you should rely more and more on the information you got on your opponents. You can often steal the blinds by shoving against the tight players, but be careful. You don’t call opponents all in without a premium hand and adjust your moves according to the stack sizes of your opponents.

Patience is a key to success at this stage because there’s always a chance that players will knock each other. You can call all-ins with a wider range of cards but try to keep your weaker calling cards for players with smaller stacks.